Dabblings of David Marcinkowski

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards "Video Game Design Jam" - November 2017

As part of a collaboration between Scholastic, Pratt Institute, and the Garcia Family, I taught a two day video game workshop to students in grades 7-12. The two day workshop focused on using the Scratch platform developed at MIT to teach students with little or no experience how to create a video game.

RiDE Grant 2016/17

RiDE (Risk/Dare/Experiment) is an opportunity to fund a series of educational and cultural episodes granted by the Provosts Office to Pratt Institute faculty to explore audacious ventures, curricular innovations, emerging practices and adventurous new paths in teaching and learning to inspire ideas and actions. My RiDE Episode was entitled "Bringing Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology to Curriculum."

Pratt Student Reel for "Pratt Show"

Created branding and utilized Premiere/Final Cut Pro and After Effects to produce a reel of the best work of students graduating from the Associate Degree programs in Illustration, Graphic Design, and Digital Design/Interactive Media. These reels were originally used at the annual "Pratt Show" which takes place every May and showcases graduating students work for industry professional. Originally, these were compliled to be displayed on a high resolution 5K monitor, but have been recomplied to be displayed on the digital signage system throughout campus, on various websites and often used for promotional events for the Associate degree program at Pratt Institute.

AOS DDIM 2017 Reel

AOS DDIM 2016 Reel

AOS DDIM 2015 Reel

AOS DDIM 2014 Reel

AOS DDIM 2013 Reel

AOS DDIM 2012 Reel

AOS DDIM 2011 Reel

livelanguage website
(continual development and resesign since 2001)

Personal experimental site used for freelance work and teaching classes.

Experimental videos

Created a series of videos using various nurbs, smart objects, filters and videos while investigating the video and 3D functionality of Photoshop.

Queens Council on the Arts website redesign

Consulted on eight month project to redesign the QCA website. Advised on site design and information architecture. Installed content management system (Joomla) and create custom theme based on static design of site. Migrated all content into Joomla CMS. Worked to integrate e-commerce component which was outsourced to a thrid-party. Wrote custom php/javascript to support gallery and blog functionality. Created documentation and trained individuals on upkeep of the site.

IntenSati website

Contracted to assist with design and to troubleshoot javascript interactive multimedia. Also performed troubleshooting and security analysis on Wordpress MU blog installation which included a major database overhaul.

Hannah Roses website

Contracted as JavaScript programmer to program six parts of the "collection section" and later the "product catalog" interactivity. Performed general browser troubleshooting regarding standarizing page layout cross-browser. Advised on design from an interactivity perspective.